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  • About "SoftWire" source code

    This is the source code I got a long time ago to study x86 instruction instrumentation technology.
    As "
    AsmJit" was developed, these codes were not very useful.
    However, the implementation of the source code is very classic and simple, which is very good for research purposes.
    I know this
    softwire evolved into a swiftshader.
    The purpose of
    softwire seems to be to emulate vs2.0(vertex shader 2.0) instructions in mmx code in a graphics card environment without vertex shaders.
    Google Chromium project contains a source code called swiftshader.
    I have not checked if this is an advanced version of
    softwire, but I guess the possibility.
    The developer of this code showed how to run a game called
    Quake in an environment without vertex shaders.
    To be honest, I was not interested in the vertex shader instruction emulation which is the purpose of this program.
    I was interested in implementing
    x86 instructions in C code just like TCG.
    When I look at the source code, I look at the framework of the programming code.
    I focus on whether it is programmed to be easy for the reader to understand.
    I keep the code when I can easily detach it from the project and port it to the project.
    This source code has been stored on my hard drive for a long time and has become garbage.

    I will continue to update other articles when there is another useful garbage on my hard disk.
    It is very difficult to convert a good "
    garbage" word into an English word.
    So I suggest what you call a "
    Happy Bins".
    Of course it is my joke.
    Sorry for making jokes that only
    South Koreans can understand.
    If you can't smile, ask your
    South Korean friend.
    I'm sorry. In the future, I will study jokes about McDonalds.)