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CVE-2020-1582 will be released in August.

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  • CVE-2020-1582 will be released in August.

    The vulnerability was discovered by a joint research team.
    This is a
    RCE(Remote Code Execution) vulnerability in Microsoft Office Word.
    Each member is "
    AmesianX", "h0n9t3n", "Im sung-min", "Lee jin-sung".
    I was the leader of the research team, and among the members, "
    Im sung-min"'s research performance played the most important role.
    Although collaborated, this vulnerability can be said to be a vulnerability discovered by "
    Im sung-min".
    Im sung-min" was a genius of IQ 150 from Mensa.
    I want to blame the world for losing this genius disciple because the company went bankrupt.
    But eventually, when I think about it, everything was my fault.

    The exploit generator was developed by "
    Lee jin-sung".
    He was the most genius of young hackers I've ever seen.
    Lee jin-sung" is a robot.
    The real image of this friend is similar to the characters in the American drama Big Bang Theory.

    The exploit code will not be released.

    Another operating system vulnerability was also reported.
    Operating system vulnerabilities discovered by "
    Lee jin-sung" have also been reported, but Microsoft has not approved them.
    This vulnerability seems to be unstoppable by Microsoft.
    This vulnerability is still alive as "

    Click image for larger version  Name:	CVE-2020-1582.png Views:	0 Size:	120.6 KB ID:	607


    I want to show this video to those who will be sensitive to this information. (Not to Microsoft)
    I lost my wings and fell to hell because of you.

    Agent Smith Are you listening to my message?
    Do you feel good?

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    Nice to meet you again online.
    Are you safe against covid-19?