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"Chrome Issue 1053604" released by ""

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  • "Chrome Issue 1053604" released by ""

    As everyone already knows, exploit code for "Chromium issue 1053604" was released a few days ago at

    "Chromium issue 1053604"

    I have no plans to port it to 32-bit version code yet.
    The reason is that it is so easy to convert this exploit code to 32 bits.
    The content seems to be too short.
    So I'm looking for information that could be used as a sandbox bypass vulnerability.
    This time I want to document how
    OOB accesses the second stage of internal binaries.
    I'm incompetent. No longer able to compete in the field of computer security.
    There is no time given me financially.
    I have to do financial engineering to make a living.
    I simply want to live as a writer to write technical documents.
    Even that is just my hobby.
    I do not have time for creative work.
    I think I'm old enough to focus on explaining what others have already made, not the code I made.

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    Good idea!