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About "Chrome Issue 992914" and "CVE-2019-13720/13721"

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  • About "Chrome Issue 992914" and "CVE-2019-13720/13721"

    I'm studying "Chrome Issue 992914". I rested a bit after the project was over. And I'm starting to study again.
    If I don't continue studying now, I lose my sense of hacking again.
    My study method is a little different. I'm using a study method to convert 64-bit exploits to 32-bit.
    Because this study can deepen my understanding of the exploit code.
    I don't have fun learning how to follow others' ways without purpose.
    So I am adopting this study method.

    The most recently completed project looks like this.

    - "Virtually Unlimited Memory: Escaping the Chrome Sandbox" with "CVE-2019-5782"

    - "CVE-2019-5782"
    I have failed to convert the "CVE-2019-5782" vulnerability to 32 bit. There was not enough time given me.

    - "Virtually Unlimited Memory: Escaping the Chrome Sandbox"
    A few months ago I converted a "Virtually Unlimited Memory: Escaping the Chrome Sandbox" vulnerability to Android Chrome Browser.
    I removed "CVE-2019-5782" and used "CVE-2019-5825".

    The "CVE-2019-5825" vulnerability has been modified to 32-bit based on what is described on the site.

    - "CVE-2019-5825"
    I've converted "CVE-2019-5825" with "Virtually Unlimited Memory: Escaping the Chrome Sandbox" vulnerability to 32-bit to make it work successfully on Android Chrome Browser.

    Since the result is a paid project, detailed technical details cannot be disclosed.
    I have worked on this kind of project for many years. And I learned how to study more efficient.
    The best way is to convert to 32-bit. At first thought, it seemed very simple, but not simple.
    In the process I learned a lot as a by-product.
    So I recommend this method to other hackers who want to start studying browser hacking.

    The project is over, but for my personal study I am going to study the following CVEs again.
    When I finish my study, I can post an article.

    Latest interesting vulnerability

    Another vulnerability in some lower chrome versions.

    Recently interesting vulnerabilities