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The flash was blocked.

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  • The flash was blocked.

    The prebuilt package has been updated to Google Chrome v.76.0.3809.87.
    But the flash was blocked. I tried to activate it, but the method is unknown.
    If you want to use Flash, the CEF version must be v.75.0.3770.100.
    (See the download link at the bottom of this article)
    In fact, the Chrome browser has killed Flash. Personally good news, but it may be
    inconvenient for the time being.
    Aside from that, Flash was just a bridge to HTML5. It was a sad middle-ware
    of the developing browser era. Having played the role, it should disappear into history.
    Like the AcitveX plugin. Only the role in which the technology is used will change, but
    the technology itself will not disappear. COM(AcitveX) technology was quickly ported
    into Google's Chrome browser. That's IDL.(Used by Mojom IPC)
    Anyway, I want to chat, but I'm sorry that I can't write a lot because I'm not good at English.
    English is shit, but I can't use Korean because I understand Korean so well.
    I should minimize my interest in this site. Otherwise it will have a bad effect on my daily life.
    Like facebook.