Codebreakers Journal Collection
Here is a collection of classic documents researched by ancient hackers.
These documents were collected by AmesianX in 2004~2007.
Recommended for hackers who like Shakespeare.)
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RECON 2006 - Conference Proceedings
PaiMei - Reverse Engineering Framework PDF
Pedram Amini
Fixing Bugs in Binaries PDF
Luis Miras
Reverse Engineering Microsoft Binaries PDF SUPP.FILES
Alexander Sotirov
Reverse Engineering and the DMCA HTML
_ Woodmann
Social Engineering for Penetration Testers PDF
Sharon Conheady
Disassembling and Patching Hardware PDF
_ bunnie
Fuzzing - Brute Force Vulnerability Discovery PDF SUPP. FILES
Michael Sutton
Cracking WiFi… Faster! (Faster PwninG Assured) PDF
David Hulton
Insiders View: Network Security Devices PDF
Dennis Cox
Fabrice Desclaux
Secure Development with Static Analysis PDF
Ted Unangst
Subverting Windows 2003 SP1 Kernel Integrity Protection PDF
Alex Ionescu
_ spoonm
Multi-cavity NOP-infection OS-Independent x86 Virus ARTICLE FILES
Anthony de Almeida Lopes
OllyBone - Semi-Automatic Unpacking on IA-32 PDF
Joe Stewart
Tracing for Hardware, Driver and Binary Reverse Engineering in Linux SLIDES PAPER
Mathieu Desnoyers
Reversing our searching habits - Power searching without google PDF
+ Fravia
Advancements in Anonymous eAnnoyance ARTICLE FILES ARTICLE FILES
Christopher Abad
Win32 Static Analysis in Python PDF
Ero Carrera
Unpacking bird's eye view PDF
Ero Carrera
Fire in the Skype - Skype powered botnets PDF
Cedric Blancher

Codebreakers 2006 Collection
Reversing a Simple Virtual Machine PDF
_ Maximus
Virtual Machine Rebuilding PDF
_ Maximus
Processless Applications ­- Remotethreads on Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and 2003 PDF
Thomas Kruse
Sharepad PDF
+ Anubis
Everything is Byte PDF
+ Mala
Beginners Guide to Basic Linux Anti Anti Debugging Techniques PDF
M. Schallner
Guide on how to play with processes memory, writing loaders, and Oraculumns PDF SUPP. FILES
Shub Nigurrath
How to Write Your Own Packer PDF
Big Boote
Reverse Engineering Backdoored Binaries PDF
Chris R.
Virus Attacks PDF
Giovanni Tropeano
Self Modifying Code PDF
Giovanni Tropeano

RECON 2005 - Conference Proceedings
Visual Analysis: 2D Does it Better in Color PDF VIDEO
Jack Whitsitt
The Dark Side of Winsock PDF VIDEO
Jonathan Levin
Syllogistic Application Testing PDF
Robert E. Lee
Wizard searching: reversing the commercial web for fun and knowledge PDF VIDEO
+ Fravia
Auditing Source Code PDF VIDEO
Nish Bhalla
Recent Shellcode Developments PDF VIDEO
_ spoonm
Binary Protection Schemes PDF VIDEO
Andrew Griffiths
Passive Asset Detection System PDF VIDEO
Matt Shelton
Packet Mastering the Monkey Way - Introduction to network programmi- ng with libevent. libdnet and libnids PDF VIDEO
Jose Nazario
Using honeyclients to discover new attacks PDF VIDEO
Kathy Wang
CUTLASS - Encrypted Communications for Everyone PDF VIDEO
Todd MacDermid
Anonymous Blogging Submission PDF VIDEO
Adam Shostack
Analyzing Malicious Code - Disassembly with a time constraint PDF VIDEO
Nicolas Brulez
Attacking WiFi networks with traffc injection - Why open and WEP 802.11 networks really suck PDF VIDEO
Cedric Blancher
Practical Attacks on a Proximity Card PDF VIDEO
Jonathan Westhues
Process Stalking - Run-Time Visual Reverse Engineering PDF VIDEO
Pedram Amini
Hardening Registration Number Protection Schemes against Reverse Code Engineering with Multithreaded Petri Nets PDF VIDEO
Dr. Thorsten Schneider
recon2005_ryan_russell_keynote VIDEO
recon2005_reverse_engineering_panel VIDEO

Codebreakers 2005 Collection
Binary protection schemes PDF
Andrew Griffiths
Beginners Guide to Basic Linux Anti Anti Debugging Techniques PDF
Henry Miller (aka 0xf001)
Towards a Framework for Assembly Language Testing PDF
Thorsten Schneider
Anti Reverse Engineering Uncovered PDF
Nicolas Brulez
Award BIOS Code Injection PDF
Mappatutu Salihun Darmawan
Advanced Award BIOS v4.51PG Hacking PDF
Mappatutu Salihun Darmawan
Low Cost Embedded x86 Teaching Tool PDF
MS Darmawan
Cracking with Loaders: Theory, General Approach and a Framework PDF
Shub-Nigurrath, ThunderPwr
Scan of the Month 33 PDF
Guide on How to Play with Processes Memory, Write Loaders and Oraculumns PDF
Embedded Reverse Engineering: Cracking Mobile Binaries PDF
Seth Fogie
Portable Executable File Format - A Reverse Engineer View PDF
Cryptography in Data Compression PDF
Chung-E Wang
Writing Loaders for DLLs: Theory and Techniques PDF
IDA Plug-In Writing in C/C++ PDF
Steve Micallef

Codebreakers 2004 Collection
Processless Applications ­ Remotethreads on Microsoft Windows 2000, XP and 2003 PDF
Thomas Kruse
VX Reversing I, the basics PDF
Eduardo Labir
Adding Imports By Hand PDF
Eduardo Labir
64-Bit - Programming and Assembly Issues PDF
Thorsten Schneider
Abstract Algebra in Poly Engines PDF
Coding Smart And Dynamic Code - For better protections, and for the art of it! PDF
The +Q
Keygen Injection PDF
Kwazy Webbit
Reverse Engineering the Service Control Manager (SCM) PDF
Andrea Geddon
Explaining Visual Basic PDF
B. Kathras
Adding functions to any program using a DLL PDF
CRC and how to Reverse it PDF
Sharepad - Transforming the Windows Notepad in Shareware PDF
K. Anubis
Introductory Primer To Polymorphism PDF
Everything Is Byte PDF
Protecting Applications with Petri Nets PDF
Robert Airapetyan
Thorsten Schneider
AsProtect Notepad! PDF
E. Labir
VX Reversing II, Sasser.B PDF
Eduardo Labir
Unpacking by Code Injection PDF
E. Labir
Minesweeper Reversing PDF
Award BIOS Reverse Engineering PDF
Darmawan Mappatutu Salihun
Replication from data files PDF
Roy G. Biv
Hooking Windows API - Technics of hooking API functions on Windows PDF
Invisibility on NT boxes - How to become unseen on Windows NT PDF
Classes Restoration PDF
VX Reversing III - Yellow Fever (Griyo 29a) PDF
Eduardo Labir