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Solving a CTF Challenge with S2E

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  • Solving a CTF Challenge with S2E

    Many people today share the use of s2e, a great tool.
    Here is a document using
    This is very good quality document.
    You must read it.

    But I am looking for a DynamoRio + LLVM IR research paper.
    The above article is also a very good document.
    However, it requires process emulation like
    DynamoRio rather than full emulation like s2e.
    s2e had been a process emulation, it would be a really innovative tool.
    Currently the alternative is
    DynamoRio, but unfortunately DynamoRio does not seem to use LLVM IR.
    Creating these tools and writing your doctoral dissertation will help you graduate with excellent grades.
    A paper on this subject was already published by the Chinese around 2010.
    Unfortunately, the tools used in this white paper are not open source.
    Also, even if it was open source, the code is not reliable.
    This is because code has strong reliability when accumulated.

    (This is why the retdec project is rated higher than the McSema project. The reliability of the code.)
    So you don't use your own code.
    You will need to implement
    LLVM IR in the form of a DynamoRio patch to be of value as a doctoral thesis.