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Coronavirus (covid-19) is a Ghost in the Shell.

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  • Coronavirus (covid-19) is a Ghost in the Shell.

    Sorry, but I'm far from an ethical hacker.
    I don't think hackers need to be ethical.
    I hate those who put good and evil as modifiers before certain nouns.
    This is because, in most cases, the person who puts this preceding modifier before words is evil.
    Watch out for those who force good.
    In most cases this is a
    totalitarian evil.
    Forcing us to wear masks today because of the coronavirus is a
    totalitarian evil.
    They're trying you out right before they put a
    Neuralink Chip developed by Elon Musk in your brain.
    Inciting to wear a mask they test on you is a social experiment simulation test that measures how resistant you are to them.
    Because I am a hacker, I have no choice but to notice this duke of them.
    They are the forces of the international shadow government.
    Today they are called "
    In fact, before, everyone called them the Masonic(
    FreeMason) and the Illuminati.
    I can't even say this to my fellow hackers.
    I only talked about this
    conspiracy theory with my very close hacker colleagues.
    There are key technologies that have been able to sustain the
    Kim Il-sung(Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un) regime in North Korea for three generations.
    This technique is a way to arouse public anger and direct that anger toward the public to achieve a specific goal.
    It's trying to arouse the anger that people who don't wear masks today can cause infection, kill people and ruin the economy.
    And they are launching a hacking attack that once again "
    redirection" this anger to the public.
    This technology was the core hacking attack technology that
    Kim Il-sung (Kim Jong-il, Kim Jong-un) was able to deceive the public and take control of the government for the third generation.
    Don't be fooled.
    Protect yourself.

    Deepstates understand and are experimenting with this technique.
    Those who say it was
    North Korea that caused the Korean War in North Korea were treated like those who ride trains without masks today.
    They were killed by the public.
    Can you understand what I'm talking about?

    When the
    Illuminati (DeepState) shadow government is making an agitation to the masses, the play is caught if it is too childish.
    Invest more money.
    News about
    Usain Bolt was almost comedy.
    Hey! DeepState! (Illuminati or FreeMason)
    I know you are trying to forcefully fulfill the prophecies recorded in the
    Then you believe that the
    Messiah will return to earth!
    I will support you!
    I'm almost there!