6 magical powers, the secrets of the prajnaparamita.

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If I am not modifying the modern Buddhist terminology completely, but only partially, the correct engineering pronunciation is:
반야바라밀다" is wrong. The "반야파라메타(반야매개변수)" is correct.
Vanya Baramylda" is wrong. The "Vanya Parameter" is correct.

Parameters are variables used to internally use values entered from outside the function when programming the function.

The evidence of the
Buddha is 6 magical powers(육신통 / yug-sin-tong), and to get it, you need to find 6 Parameters.
In Korean, "
육바라밀"(yug-ba-ra-myl / 6 Parameters).

The magic spell to get
6 Parameters(육바라밀) is as follows:

In Korean,

"아제아제 바라아제 바라승아제 보리 사바하"

Korean pronunciation, "a-je-a-je ba-la-a-je ba-la-seung-a-je bo-li sa-ba-ha" is the same.

This magic spell was
translated into idiot during the translation into Chinese and Korean.

Original magic spell is like this.

gate gate paragate parasamgate bodhi svaha"

Doesn't the familiar word appear?

Gate..!! Hahaha Parallel Gate..!!?
Or a parameter

I'll leave it to your imaginary freedom from now on.
This is the limit of my personal analysis.
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