Today I release one "occult" information.
It is called an "
occult" because few people know it.
There is a program called "DeepNude" on the site at the following link.

I noticed the existence of this site at the end of last year.
And I was shocked.


This program transformed a bikini picture into a nude picture in
11 seconds.

The reason I was shocked was that I knew this artificial intelligence technology was the basis for the development of "X-ray glasses".
X-ray glasses" are a topic often mentioned in science fiction films, allowing you to see nudes through a person's clothing.
It is true that even just a year ago, most people considered "
X-ray glasses" as children's cartoons(Like adult Japanese anime) and science fiction.
Before reading this article, you may also have thought it was a science fiction.

However, if you reverse your existing thinking and come up with a new idea, you can implement this feature.

It replaces women's clothes with nude bodies in photos as if humans imagined nude.

This idea is very common for humans, but very innovative for computers.
This was made possible by the advent of machine learning artificial intelligence technology.
Also, the programmer who developed this algorithm is a genius.
No one could have imagined this algorithm.

Simply imagining is called delusion.
In the field of engineering, the definition of the word "
imagination" is used to mean a new idea that can be linked to real technology.
I hope there are no engineering students who cannot distinguish between delusion and imagination.

1. Here is a person called "
The man delusionalized that machine learning can make a person nude in a photograph.

2. There is a person called "
He experienced this when the
pix2pix AI technology became famous, then imagined it would be possible to use machine learning of this technology to make a person nude in a photo. (And it became a reality.)

Did you understand the difference between "A" and "B"?
"A" is an ordinary programmer and "B" is a genius programmer.
Do you understand the difference between the words "imagination" and "delusion" defined in engineering?

You may have seen an article about AI drawing without an artist.
pix2pix is a technology used in the news that artificial intelligence has become a hot topic for "
painting instead of painters".
It is an artificial intelligence technology that performs transformation between images. (
When you train an image of a specific object on artificial intelligence, it prints out a photorealistic picture when you draw and outline the picture.

I already knew pix2pix technology a long time ago.
I tried a lot of imagination with this technique, but I couldn't reach
DeepNude imagination.
The world is wide and there are many genius.

Every human face is different.
Humans can recognize even small changes in everyone's faces.
However, the person's ability to sense the upper body and lower body is relatively insensitive.
Humans do not need to recognize the details of the body as much as the human face.
The characteristics of the body that humans need to detect are sufficient for body movement, muscle and skin color.
Therefore, most people have similar body types, because the characteristics of the body that humans need to detect are not as detailed as the face.
In other words, you don't have to change your body to a celebrity's muscular body.
Humans cannot distinguish the body of a celebrity from the muscular body of an ordinary person without looking at the face.
These characteristics create a very good environment for AI machine learning.
Why? Machine learning AI is a loss approximation algorithm, not an accuracy.
If I give you a picture of a woman in a bikini and I want you to imagine her nude, do you think the imaginary nude breast shape actually matches that woman's breast shape?
Imagine nude female pictures in your brain will have very good quality.
However, real women may not have breasts in their clothes.
In other words, what you imagine may be fake.
However, the brain can simulate a woman's nude body through imagination.
This simulation is not as accurate as math.
However, the resulting quality is sufficient.
In this case, modern artificial intelligence is used.
In other words, AI is used in areas where predictive loss is acceptable.
Because machine learning artificial intelligence technology itself is a technique for calculating differentials.
That is, it is an approximation simulation.

In summary, pix2pix was very suitable for "DeepNude" because it can perform photorealistic conversion using pictures already trained in machine learning even if only masking contour images are input.
I thought DeepNude is very smart because it uses pix2pix for the body, not the face.
There is
DeepFake technology, but the technical meaning is different because this pix2pix technology is a simpler idea.
Because it is not the face, but the body.

If you download the program from the link I wrote above, you can test it out.

You are probably 100% shocked.

You will find that "DeepFake" technology is a hot topic.
However, you may also feel that there is no greater ripple effect than you might think.
Have you ever thought about it?

1. Creating DeepFake requires an expensive GPU graphics card.
2. Even if you rent a cloud and try without a graphic card, the fee is still high.
3. It takes a very long time to get the final result.
4. It also takes a very long time to check the intermediate results of the training.

This means that it is difficult to pre-process the quality of the data set to be trained.

As a result, the public cannot become a producer and distributor of "DeepFake" videos.
Because of the lack of access to video production, the public is unable to become a distributor, so the ripple effect is reduced.
However, "
DeepNude" can produce a new manipulation image in 11 seconds, so anyone can become a distributor.
So, "
DeepNude" technology was evaluated as more dangerous than "DeepFake", and as soon as it was released on the Internet, it was criticized and disappeared.

The development site I linked to has newly developed the first "
DeepNude" algorithm through reverse engineering.
11 seconds, anyone can distribute nude photos of celebrities.

I was worried about whether or not to release this information for months.
But now seems to be the time to release.
So far, few people in South Korea seem to know the existence of this program.
It doesn't seem to be at all.

I commented this information on a famous YouTube channel, but I soon deleted it myself.

It is too dangerous if this information is known in South Korea where sex culture is not open.
News reporters may attack me publicly with this information.
South Korea is a strange country, so if I write information in English, the public doesn't know.
This is because the South Korean public is trained not to be interested in information other than the Korean language.
This is also why I run this site in English.

Since ancient times, dangerous technology has always been occultized(hiddenized).
There are facts that many Buddhists do not know.
In the ancient
Sakyamuni Buddha era, there were 85,000 Buddhas.
Buddhist scriptures say that the Bodhisattvas also used 6 magical powers.
Where did the
85,000 hackers go?
Where is him?
Outside the system?

According to Buddhist scriptures, Shakyamuni banned the disciples from using 6 magical powers in front of the public.
Sakyamuni said that is because it is a byproduct of the process of gaining enlightenment.
In the past, I've always warned my disciples
not to show hacking skills publicly.
I said it was because it was a byproduct of the process of studying
computer science.
So I could easily predict that
Sakyamuni was a hacker.
Jesus Christ is also a hacker.
Christians believe that Jesus Christ is stepping on the clouds as He descends from heaven to earth.
Do you believe this?
Don't you think it's too childish?
He said that he would return in a
It's not the
clouds in the sky you think.
It is a
cloud system.
Gnostic School, Jesus is sitting at the right hand of God.
So far it is the same as the
official Christian interpretation.
Gnossis says that God doesn't know this.
What the fuck?
So God was hacked?
Jesus hacked God's powers. (Like Sakyamuni)
Jesus Christ has exploited an privilege esculation vulnerability to steal the root account.
Jesus Christ opened a backdoor port using a root account on a system outside the world.

The only reason to pray in the name of Jesus is the "named pipe" communication protocol.
Does anyone visit the site who doesn't know what a "
named pipe" is?
For computer software technicians, "
named pipe" is common sense.
You must use the form of prayer to send a message to this port, and you can use it by borrowing root authority.
So Jesus said directly in the Bible, "
No one can go to the Father without going through me."

Isn't my Bible book interpretation more engineering?
This ability is called
6 magical power.
It's very similar to the
cheat-key features you use after hacking online games.

6 magical powers: Teleportation, clairvoyance, levitation, etc.
Evidence that you have become a
Buddha must be able to use 6 magical powers.
If not, it is not a Buddha.

Buddhists these days ignore this.
These are fools.
I think they are outside this system.
Because I think the world we live in is the same as the movie
In the movie
Matrix, Neo's job was a programmer during the day, but a hacker at night.
I do not advise being an
ethical hacker.
However, if hackers are arrested by
Agent Smith because of the byproduct of their studies, they will no longer be able to study.
The deeper you study computer science theory, the more likely you are to become a
white hat hacker.
Young hackers don't seem to know what White Hat means is a wizard.
The occultist's top position is the wizard.
This is why the top level of hackers has been called Wizard for a long time.
The black hat is a sorceress(or necromancer).

Koreans have been wearing hats called "God" since ancient times.
All Koreans know this common sense, but no one knows why they wore it.
Ask a Korean friend if this is real.
Perhaps your Korean friend is a different interpretation than me, but the information itself is true..
Koreans are a people who wear white clothes from ancient times.
Because of the color of the clothes, it was called the "
Shakya" people in Sanskrit.
Sakyamuni means saint of Shaka people.
In the Shaka tribe, only white-dressed shamans could provide ancestor rituals(ancestral ritual) to heaven.
Shaka people, dressed in white, meant priesthood.
It is called "
Backui Minjok( 白衣民族
)" in English pronunciation.
Back" means "white", "ui" means "clothes", "Min" means "people", "jok" means "tribe or people".
It is similar to the
Jewish Levites.

Young hackers don't seem to know that government hackers like Agent Smith exist.
They are digging mines waiting for hackers to be caught.
South Korea does not use honeypots.)
I have witnessed it.
I worked as a virtual penetration testing service and saw how they defended.

All occult information is hidden in the movie matrix.


The program warns you.
Use alone without distributing the output.
I'm not writing the fantasy warnings in the "
Occult Book".
If you ignore the warning, you will be imprisoned.

You will be 100% shocked when tested using this program.
I promise you.