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Microsoft Edge surrendered to Google's Chromium.

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  • Microsoft Edge surrendered to Google's Chromium.

    Microsoft Edge surrendered to Google's Chromium.
    And, as always,
    Microsoft's counterattack is likely to begin.
    From now on, I no longer need to develop
    NinjaBrowser using buggy TChromium components.
    This is because
    Embarcadero decided to provide TEdgeBrowser VCL components to Delphi and C++ Builder.

    Delphi and C++ Builder traditionally had a component called TWebBrowser.
    TWebBrowser is a component that wraps Internet Explorer.

    Description of what developers misunderstand in the history of browser development <<

    Traditionally, Internet Explorer on Windows has been built as a
    COM component from scratch.
    Of course, Internet Explorer and File Explorer consist of the same
    COM components.
    This is something you'd already know if you're a Windows developer. I am not going to mention this.
    I would like to briefly mention the architectural concept of the browser that the developer has.

    There are a lot of people working on development projects on mobile these days.
    I want to ask them.
    Do you think the concept of
    WebView was originally from mobile?
    The correct answer is no.
    The concept of
    WebView originally existed in Internet Explorer on Windows.
    The concept of
    WebView was actually useful in Windows.
    In fact, until the mid-2000s, the GUI environment was almost exclusively on Windows.
    The GUI of Windows has been commercially successful in the most convenient form than other operating systems.
    Steve Jobs may have hated Bill Gates for stealing his ideas, but at least Steve Jobs would have been happy.
    This is because Bill Gates successfully gave people the concept they stole.
    Perhaps by this time Steve Jobs had been able to surrender happily.

    The concept of
    WebView in Windows was established in Internet Explorer.

    The era of Internet Explorer began after
    Microsoft forcibly closed the era of Netscape browsers on Windows due to illegal competition.
    And Microsoft introduced a
    WebView architecture that comes standard with the operating system.
    After the
    Netscape incident, Europe and the United States attempted to divide the Microsoft company through antitrust laws.
    This is because Microsoft has determined that it is competing illegally.
    The problem here was that Internet Explorer was installed on the operating system by default, so the product shipped.

    If I technically comment this, I can say that the
    WebView architecture is installed by default on the operating system.
    If you are developing a browser on your
    iPhone now, you will have to use the WebView provided by iOS.
    Of course, you may be able to develop it yourself.
    However, if you don't use WebView for
    iOS, you probably won't get JavaScript acceleration support.
    You need to know that the concepts you need to understand about
    WebView on iOS and WebView on Windows are exactly the same.

    Before the 2000s,
    Netscape was the protagonist who brilliantly pioneered the WWW era.
    Netscape wasn't useful enough to be used as a WebView architecture, and Netscape was removed from the market when Internet Explorer was integrated into the operating system and appeared on the market as a WebView architecture.
    The reason
    Netscape is not useful as a WebView architecture is because it is a third party that is not affiliated with the Microsoft company that created Windows.
    And the reason Internet Explorer was useful was because it was an architecture called
    WebView, which is built into the operating system. Microsoft won the architecture fight.
    Do you think it is illegal to violate antitrust laws?
    If this is illegal, take a look at how
    WebView is currently supported on mobile operating systems.
    iOS and Android are taking the strategy of installing the WebView architecture on the operating system in the same way as Microsoft.
    Again, this is just a software architecture war.
    It has nothing to do with antitrust violations.

    Did you understand what I said so far?

    Netscape was not used as a WebView architecture.
    2. Internet Explorer has ended the
    Netscape era and has emerged as a WebView architecture. Internet Explorer took over the WWW world (COM component).
    3. After that, the
    Firefox browser appeared and was very popular, but not very popular in the WebView architecture.
    4. Eventually, the Chrome browser was released. It has gained great popularity since its launch, but it has a very big fundamental difference from previous Internet browsers. Program developers started using the
    Chromium browser as a WebView. This was the key. Instead of using the Internet Explorer WebView COM component built into Windows, a Chromium WebView called libcef was more popular. By developers around the world, Google's Chromium WebView has begun to gain great popularity. Eventually, Microsoft abandoned the engine of the next-generation browser, Microsoft Edge, and replaced it with Google's Chromium. What this means is that Microsoft was eventually defeated by Google in the browser war.

    Do you know why this is an important event?

    The lesson learned from this history is that even if you fight a big company like Microsoft in the browser war, in order to win, the
    WebView architecture must be popular to win.

    This was how Microsoft was able to win Netscape, and that's also how Google won Microsoft.
    I wanted to give you this enlightenment.

    Is it fun?

    Microsoft ported chromium to
    Microsoft Edge.
    Who will take the lead again in
    TEdgeBrowser component is built into Delphi and C++ Builder in Embarcadero's RAD Studio 10.4.
    Do you know what this means?
    Have you forgotten that
    Microsoft won Netscape in the browser war?
    Perhaps Microsoft's big decision could once again take the lead in the
    WWW world's Internet browser.

    So far I've told you the truth of the concept nobody tells you about WebView.

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    TEdgeBrowser test scene

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