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ThirdEyeSecurity Company is closed.

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  • ThirdEyeSecurity Company is closed.

    ThirdEyeSecurity company closed due to financial issues.
    Whenever we were in charge of a project, project managers were promoted.
    All of the previous projects were successful.
    Of course, there were some failures in the mobile project. Our main item is PC software exploit.)
    We closed because we couldn't get a third annual project.
    This soon led to financial problems.
    I expected to be able to settle for a job with "
    Offensive Security".
    But It turned into disappointment.
    We worked on very good project terms both financially and in terms of working hours.
    But now only stress remains.

    The reason I write this is because I got a question from an acquaintance.

    Someone sent me a text message, so I left an answer here.
    We are no longer in business.
    I have to leave the hacking and security sector.
    As an amateur researcher, I only want to study hacking and security as a hobby.

    When a hobby becomes a job, it destroys his life.
    This is the truth.
    I want to be a computer illiterate who doesn't even know how to turn on a computer when I'm born again.
    Do not force your child to be a computer expert.
    It is the fastest way to send your child to hell.
    I do not want to meet people.
    Every time I meet people, the worst things happen in my life.
    I will only live online.