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Is the Real World is_real or is_rael?

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  • Is the Real World is_real or is_rael?

    It has been proved that not only photons and electrons, but all matter in the macro world are waves.
    This is the title of the video.
    Do you know about procedural universe technology?
    It is the latest technology in game engines for modern space games.
    A game called StarCitizen is a representative game made with this procedural universe(or space) technology.
    In fact, it's not a great technique.

    Like quantum mechanics, LoD(Level of Detail: Technology that reduces and increases the polygon count of 3D objects in real time to solve speed and resource load problems) and tessellation(Tessellation is LoD's hardware accelerated technology) technology process the details only when the player sees an object(material).

    It's similar to what quantum mechanics explains.

    Either the quantum mechanics copied the game implementation skills, the game skills copied the quantum mechanics, or both are the same.
    As far as I know, the science of quantum mechanics was issued later than game implementation techniques.
    Quantum mechanics is an old discipline, but it has become more famous since the recent revolution in 3D game development technology.
    This is because game technology explains the worldview of quantum mechanics better in reality.

    Here's a scene from a game with procedural universe(or space) technology.
    In the past, there was no such technology, so we had to implement two separate ground and space stages.
    So when you traveled out of ground on a spaceship, you were forced to see the message "Loading map..". (or Map Loading)
    The message "Loading map.." is displayed at the boundary from Earth to space in the game.
    Because we need to switch the game stage from ground to space.
    However, modern games have applied procedural space skills to eliminate the state of "Loading map..".
    Like quantum mechanics.

    But when watching NASA or SpaceX's space rocket launch on TV, they're still switching game stages in a classic way.
    I hope they learn procedural universe implementation techniques.
    NASA can use runtime dynamic mesh with LoD and tessellation in Unreal Game Engine, but why doesn't NASA take advantage of this technology?
    It's my joke
    Enlightened people say that the universe exists only in stories (myths).
    Because they know what their role is.
    A little hint: if a person loses the word hope, he commits suicide regardless of how rich his current life is.
    That's the difference between humans and animals.

    In fact, in the real world, "seeing" means "recognition or recognization".
    This is not a general concept of "
    Do not misunderstand the concept of "
    seeing" in quantum mechanics.
    It means recognition(
    or recognization) from the universe.
    The reason we train
    AI is to create recognition.
    It's a kind of detection.
    The universe was created by
    collective recognition.
    If you die and your consciousness(
    is your detector and your brain and your universe receiver) disappears, the universe will only exist to you as a wave.

    The other word of "hope" is "time". Time stops when "hope" disappears. When "time" stops, humans die.
    - 2020-01-09. by AmesianX -

    That's why Hollywood has no choice but to continue making childish superhero movies.
    There is no American dream in reality, but there is a dream with hope.
    If you don't, Americans have no hope and time will stop if you don't have hope.
    To prevent this, the Hollywood Wizard must continue to use "

    This is the reality.

    Should I say Israel?

    Should I say is+real?

    Does it mean that Israel is a chosen people?

    Did you also misinterpret the "
    is_real(O) or is_rael(X)" function in the Bible(engineering book)?