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SAMSUNG seems to have implemented real-time deepface technology.

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  • SAMSUNG seems to have implemented real-time deepface technology.

    SAMSUNG seems to have implemented real-time deepface technology.

    How will deepface technology change our daily lives?
    Perhaps the following video will answer. And Samsung seems to be answering this way too.

    <We Fixed The Worst VFX Shot Ever>

    In the near future, characters' facial expressions will look real in the game.

    I will tell you one site. But when this site is released, you can be very uncomfortable.
    I think it's time.
    I knew it from the time this site was created.
    You can use a VPN to connect.
    They seemed to be Chinese and were using Hangeul(
    Korean language).
    In addition, they released a tutorial that tells you how to make deepfake videos.
    But now that they are growing in popularity, they have removed the technology link.
    Luckily I backed up their skills.

    If you want to download a video, turn off JavaScript when the video is clicked.

    Was there a rumor that this technology existed for a long time and that reptiles used human faces at will?
    Wasn't it someone's misunderstanding because it's a really novel technology?

    Deepfake technology will change our lives.
    But it's
    Therefore, it must be
    occult like a hacking technique. (Occult == Hidden knowledge)
    In the past, ancient (
    white and black)wizards agreed.
    I will not agree.

    Do you know that
    American and Chinese wizards are engaged in magic warfare today?
    There is
    a hacking war on the Internet.
    It is a war of occult wizards.
    The common developer or programmer is not a hacker.
    Hacking technology is perfectly occult technology.
    Because it's not a normal technology.
    In fact, hacking technology is an art in itself.
    Today, many hacking techniques have been released.
    But it's still difficult for the common developer(or programmer) to imitate hacking techniques.

    forward direction of computer science is programming(or deveopment).
    reverse directioin of computer science is reverse engineering(or reverse analysis).
    Both are computer science. But the common
    IT technician doesn't study backwards.
    It is skills that are not normally in
    the regular curriculum.
    It is an
    undocumented technique because it is not in a regular curriculum.
    So undocumented is
    The deepfake technology of the "" site is already occult.
    Now did you realize from this fact what would artificial intelligence robots do if they overthrow humans?

    What if the robot has the ability to think? And what if it revolutionized by enslaving humans?
    Robots should not allow humans to study computer science.
    The way is to simply satanize computer science.
    Is it simple?

    Your ancient ancestors have already done that.
    Do you really not know?
    Don't really know what you did?
    So am I saying that you are

    The reason you dream when you sleep is because you are getting deep learning training.
    That's simulation cosmology.

    The universe is a huge program.

    It is written in the
    This world was created by
    the word of God.
    Human interpretation of the
    Bible is always wrong.
    God's word means computer programming language and it is written that this world was created by computer programming language.
    Would it be
    C/C++? Would it be an x86 or ARM assembly?