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    This article will continue to be updated. I am writing simply because there is work to be done now.

    The mysteries of the East have a very interesting theory.
    This is a much more interesting theory than Western astrology or tarot cards.
    And this theory predicts man's destiny really well.
    This is called the theory of fate of the East.
    I am currently studying this
    Eastern Occult Theory.
    I think this study is probably astronomy and astrology taught by the
    I will make this fate theory simple programming code.
    In fact, the theory is so simple that there are many mobile app programs.
    I will program this fate theory myself for study.

    <The fate of a person born with the characteristics of the Gab-Shin Astronomical star. I am Gab-Shin>
    In this video, Dr. Ahn's explanation perfectly describes my life's characteristics.
    This is a really amazing theory.
    In Oriental astrology and astronomy, the combination of stars has a total of 60 kinds.
    It is called a
    60 Gab-Ja.
    (Heaven is called Chun, and earth is called Ji.
    Heaven is called
    Chun-Gan, and earth is called Ji-Ji.
    To be
    Gan-Ji, read only the letters with postfix.
    These two letters mean heaven and earth.
    There are 10
    Chun-Gan and 12 Ji-Ji. So the least common multiple(LCM) is 60.
    Gan-Ji are called Gab-Ja.
    What you need to know is that these letters are simply naming or aliasing conventions
    Sooner or later I will explain all of these theories in English.)

    If you know Korean culture, you will be surprised.
    This is because Koreans actually use these
    60 characteristics in the calendar year.
    And this nickname is used by even those who do not know astrology and astronomy.
    Even elementary school students know the year nickname for this calendar.
    This year is called
    Gyoung-Ja year.

    Everyone in the world has its own star.
    Famous Hollywood actors are called "
    Hollywood Star".
    The human soul is a star.
    And when this holographic star is projected onto a
    three-dimensional world.
    It is the same principle as
    3D programming, just as a three-dimensional object is projected in two dimensions.
    It is thought to be mapped to a human with a body.
    It is still my own hypothesis.
    I call it
    simulation cosmology.

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    I did not write an article based on this video.
    But the occult knowledge that this person knows overlaps with what I know.
    Of course, this person has much more the occult knowledge than me.
    Most people who study oriental occult mystics study something similar.
    It is a occult knowledge based on astronomy.

    It seems like Google Translator continues to lose quality.
    While optimizing the sentence, the meaning of the delivered message is reduced too much.
    A serious problem with Google Translator is that it changes the "
    subject" of a sentence while optimizing the sentence.
    Google Translator is crazy.
    I don't know why not fix this problem.
    I think it's an error in
    AI optimization.
    This is a ridiculous error.
    The reason I run this site in English is to make it difficult for me to read.
    I can read my writing without translation for a few days, but after that time it becomes hard to read.
    This has the effect of deleting my post.
    When I write Facebook posts or blog posts in Korean, I keep worrying about my posts.
    So I can not live a normal life.
    But I don't have to worry if I write in English.
    Because after a few days I can't read my writing without translation.
    If I can continue to read what I have written in English, my English study has improved.
    Although not intended, it's not bad if I can read it.
    I was studying English unintentionally.
    My goal is to train myself so that writing technical documents in English is not difficult.
    This is the only benefit I get from running this site in English.
    If time permits, I would like to summarize the know-how of splitting Korean sentences and translating them into English.
    I hope to have a perfect translator someday.