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  • MacBook ESC Key Independence Day

    I always bought the first and last version of my MacBook Pro.
    And the purchase of the first version always failed.
    For example, there is a case of failing to solve the heat problem as a representative purchase failure case.
    This was often the case in earlier versions of MacBook Pro.
    In other cases, when the touchpad version was first released, the
    ESC key was included in the touchpad and failed.
    The keyboard with
    ESC keys on the touchpad was inconvenient.
    At this point I was able to escape the obsession with buying a MacBook Pro.
    Because of this I was able to make one prophecy.
    The following MacBook Pro models expected the
    ESC key to be excluded from the touchpad.
    So I sold a touchpad version of the MacBook Pro which I bought for around USD $5,000 to a coworker for USD $2,500.
    This article assumes that the won dollar exchange rate is 1:1000.)
    I had a strong conviction that my prophecy was right.
    I am writing this article because my prophecies actually came true.
    My prophecy is around 2016.
    I always bought a MacBook Pro as a custom version of the CTO full spec.
    Due to this, credit card debt has always been USD $5,000.
    Every time I paid off my credit card debt, Apple always released a new model.
    Damn Apple.
    Prior to MacBook Pro, I liked SONY VAIO laptops.
    So I had the same financial problem.
    After saying goodbye to SONY VAIO, I loved the MacBook Pro.
    If I had saved all the money I used to buy a laptop, I would have already bought a private office house in Seoul of South Korea.
    Of course, I did not live wasting my salary.
    Because I always gave my parents half my salary.
    I always gave my parents $1,500 before they bought a house.
    Sometimes when my salary went up to $4,000 I gave $2,000.
    If I made a lot of extra money, I gave my parents all that extra money.
    So my parents saved my money and bought a house in Gyeonggi-do of South Korea.
    I am 40 years old now.
    Now finally I can save my money.
    Because I'm old enough to help my parents.
    In Korean society, people who are 40 years old are not usually employed by the company.
    This age is actually an abandoned generation.
    Especially for those who take computer security as a profession in South Korean society, their careers are also first class security.
    I resist this but it is still quite affected.

    The reason I behaved differently from ordinary young South Koreans is because I believe in Karma's law.
    I think
    I borrowed a student loan from the god of heaven.
    I seem to be indebted to be born.
    God tells me to pay it(
    payment for birth).
    While studying reincarnation and original sin, I realized this wisdom.

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    There is a famous youtuber in South Korea that teaches how to study for the test (SAT).
    His name is "
    Kang Sung-Tae". I hate that youtuber.
    But his method of study is very reliable.
    Because I already knew the methodology.
    Famous teachers from South Korea's private education market earn at least USD $10,000,000 annually.
    I am not talking about this person "
    Kang Sung-Tae", but I am saying that it is a fragmentary size of South Korea's private education market.
    The reason he is famous in the fierce competition is because his method is reliable.
    No matter how painful it is, the rule is that if you repeat it 60 times, it becomes a habit.
    Pain is a law that can turn into joy when repeated.
    In fact, this methodology allowed me to control that half of my salary didn't exist until I was 40 years old.
    It can offset the pain.
    In my case, not sending half of my salary to my parents caused anxiety.
    No one has forced me.
    It was my way I chose to get rid of my karma.
    Repeated behavior over the years causes addiction exactly.
    This technique is a "
    Kang Sung-Tae" technique.
    This is a really amazing and scary technique.
    If you are curious, please do it yourself.
    Repeat whatever you do, 60 times.
    Kang Sung-Tae" used this technique as a study methodology.

    So I thought I would pay karma if I repaid my parents.
    Therefore, if there is reincarnation, I hope that all salaries will be available when reborn.
    I sacrificed my youth to get rid of karma.
    I hope feminists see me and realize that they are happy women.
    South Korean feminist women spend most of their income on their own.
    I envy them They always post overseas travel photos on Instagram.
    But I have rarely traveled abroad for my life except for a short trip to the hacking competition of my life.
    DEFCON CTF Finals 15 (2007), 16 (2008))
    I currently have a debt of USD $10,000 on my account.
    In fact, there were about USD $60,000 in debt, but by the end of last year they all paid off.
    But again, the debt increased to USD $10,000.
    On average, young South Koreans do not have financial support to help their parents.
    Or some financial assistance.
    But the poorest families of the parents' generation brought salaries entirely to their parents.
    This is a repeated cycle of poverty.
    How can I crack this?
    How can I reverse engineer it?
    I analyzed and practiced it.
    But the view is a bit dark.
    It was half the success
    ESC key on the MacBook Pro has been rearranged correctly, but I'm afraid.
    I have to buy a MacBook Pro again.

    Sometimes someone accuses me of spending too much money.
    But I learn from this early adopter.
    Not just buying a laptop.
    And I can't make money unless I do this.

    Technicians need to study the latest technology in advance.
    No one knows when and where to make money.
    So you must always have knowledge of all the equipment.
    It is the early adopters that make it possible.

    For example, when a graduate student requested a mobile hacking lesson, I couldn't do it long ago.
    I was not an early adopter and not as knowledgeable as I wanted because I didn't buy an Android mobile device to save money.
    I was asked to teach a graduate student in college, but I refused because I'm not sure.
    It was a big offer but missed the opportunity.
    Of course, I taught reverse engineering as a special instructor at
    Sang-Myung University in South Korea.
    But I can not be a professor.
    I just envy the professor.
    It's a job that suits my aptitude, but I want to fulfill my dream when I'm born again.
    There are many such cases.
    It's not just a waste of equipment.
    This is called self-development.

    Foolish people can't read typhoons caused by butterfly wings in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.
    If the company's CEO belongs to this kind of foolish people, the company will have no vision and will surely ruin.

    Apple is smart.
    They found butterfly wings.

    Did you notice that Apple's keyboard is a butterfly?
    Apple's vision is a bit visible..

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