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Wizard's Stone.

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  • Wizard's Stone.

    I think this professor is genius.
    The standard of genius I think is the one that easily explains the most difficult.
    Because it is not fully understood and can not be easily explained.

    Dr. Lee Hwi-so, who was mentioned as the Nobel Prize winner in South Korea, was the one who explained the most difficult things most easily.
    The testimony of a Nobel Laureate colleague explains this.

    Professor "
    Kim Gab Jin" explains magnets in this video.

    I would like to explain a bit additional.
    I think mythical magnets are wizard stones.

    It is believed that in Greek and Roman mythology, humans were taught how to use electricity, not how to use fire.
    I don't understand that God is punished for teaching the use of fire.
    Because fire also occurs in nature.
    But electricity is not.
    Therefore, I think that God, who taught how to use electricity, was punished.

    Isn't my explanation more convincing?

    Listen to my explanation and understand why the wizard's stone is a magnet?

    It is a pity that people who speak English as their native language can not hear.
    However, people who speak Korean as a native language will admire how easy it is to understand what the professor explains.

    Many scholars testify that this humanity is the sixth new humanity after the fifth apocalypse.
    Humans do not evolve.
    Humans just adapt. Evolution is wrong.
    The theory of adaptation is correct.
    That is why mythology can be inferred from the previous generation of humanity.
    The ancients are not a caveman.

    <Video Title>
    What happens if a current flows in a magnet when electricity meets a magnet?

    <Do you know Magswitch?>

    I want to show you a shocking video.

    A long time ago I was looking for a way to control a magnet.
    Because I thought if I could control every single small magnet, I could make the shape of the material in the air.
    To be honest, I imagined I could make a
    Iron Man suit.
    Then the magnet should be able to lose its magnetism and get it.
    No matter how much information is found, the only way to control magnetism is to use
    I could only find a technique called
    quantum locking.
    However, watching this video
    I couldn't stop laughing.
    I didn't think there was a simple way.
    If you want to be a wizard, you should study magnets.
    There is no limit.