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Lost in Space Season 2 has finally been updated on Netflix.

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  • Lost in Space Season 2 has finally been updated on Netflix.

    Lost in Space Season 2 has finally been updated on Netflix.
    My favorite drama series.
    I have been waiting for season 2 for quite some time.
    And finally, released by Netflix.
    I am very happy to see the movie this weekend.

    Of course, the universe I think is a slightly different model, but as a model of the universe for human enjoyment, modern cosmology is a very good model.

    I tend to believe in simulation cosmology.
    I think the universe is a program, but human cosmology is better to enjoy it.
    The modern cosmology of man seems to be a cosmology for entertainment.

    Are you curious about the simulation cosmology I believe in?
    Can I explain a bit?

    For example,
    OSiris is the same as "Operating System IRIS".
    IRIS: Korean pronunciation is "HongChae(iris)". Iris is the core of the AllSeeingEye.
    It was just a useless story. Just like you don't need to know "
    Snow Leopard".
    Snow Leopard" is another name for earlier versions of "MacOS".
    After the end of the earth, future humanity can confuse "
    MacOS" with the goddess "Margot(or Magos:
    It is called SamShin Grandmother in Korean tradition. Few Korean do not know SamShin Grandmother. But most people, except for a few Korean intellectuals, do not know the name Magos. Although magos are famous all over the world, most of Koreans are known as SamShin Grandmother. I'm not talking about "MacOS". The pronunciation is similar.)". Oh my gosh.
    If all github's source code is backed up to the North Pole, future people will be primitives(a caveman) who will reuse this knowledge.
    Naming IRIS by operating system name is very good sense.
    Just cool.
    Need a reason for being cool?
    There are reasons and meanings, but do I need to know?
    If you know what "
    Snow Leopard" means, will your "MacOS" double its performance? Comedy.
    Need more explanation?
    Naming) have no reason. (Just to be nice)
    The future of trying to interpret source code or programs with scriptures of esoteric rather than a product of engineering is miserable.
    In fact, it is not the future, but the reality that is happening now.
    There are people today who think of
    OSIRIS as a god with a body.
    If you think so, future humans will think that
    MacOS is a god with a body.
    Just as
    MacOS is not macos, OSiris may not be osiris.
    There is a reason to think this way.
    Egyptian mythology, after death, the gods were cut into pieces and reused.
    If you think that God has a human body, that's a terrible story.
    But is this a pretty neat interpretation if you think this is an operating system?
    It makes
    Horus mythology easy to understand.
    When retiring the operating system, you can detach the module from the source code and reuse it.
    Isn't this a more intelligent interpretation than the fragmented body reuse?
    I told the useless story again.
    Is it fun?

    I'm very talkative online.
    I will rewrite my personal cosmology in another article.
    Forget about it.

    Enjoy the fun of Lost In Space 2 this weekend.

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