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The magic wand of the 21st century wizard is FPGA.

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  • The magic wand of the 21st century wizard is FPGA.

    Very interesting things are happening in South Korea.

    Remember the news when the FBI failed to unlock terrorists' iPhone passwords in the past?
    Such a similar thing is happening in South Korea.
    The only difference is that in the case of South Korea, the prosecution is playing the role of Gordon Police Chief while terrorists are in power. South Korea is now dominated by the followers of North Korea. And they are bought by the Communist Party of China.
    They dominated the South Korean regime.
    If they are not new terrorists, what is their identity?
    Do you know the Hollywood movie "
    Batman Dark Knight Series"?
    It is happening in South Korea. However, South Korea is the most secure country in the world.
    How safe it is, overprotection has been transformed into an attack tool and used as a tool to attack the people.
    The typical end of overprotection is the feminist movement.
    Women hate men, men hate women. They are angry more than simply dislike.

    Do you know what overprotection calls an overextended?

    Communism has a civilization under the love of a feminine mother.
    Therefore, the richer the country, the more the mother's overprotective mechanism is revealed.
    However, liberal democracy has a civilized spirit of masculine challenge under the love of his father.
    In fact, the Russian people are very similar to Korean culture.
    Although the appearance is Western, the culture is almost like Korean emotion. Communism is the mother line.

    Do you know what overprotection calls an overextended?

    Called communism totalitarianism.
    Do you understand why the safest country in the world has become the most dangerous country like Gotham City?
    Two witnesses who should have attended the prosecution died for a week.
    They are civil servants who work in all the highest authorities.

    I will not mention this problem anymore.

    The prosecution failed to unlock the iPhone, bringing news of Israeli machine equipment that the FBI used in the past. I just laugh.
    Speaking of machine equipment in Israel, South Koreans who know nothing can think that the size of the machine is similar to the size of the house.
    According to rumors in South Korea, the price range of the machine is about eight hundred thousand dollars, and expensive machines are mistaken for big size.
    But I guess it was probably this form called the Israeli equipment.

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    JTAG debugging machine?

    Do not laugh! We should not laugh at people who have not learned.
    Just teach them the truth.
    So I don't laugh I'll be patient.

    A bootrom vulnerability in most of the iPhone has recently been announced.
    Perhaps sooner or later the iPhone password will be unlocked and South Korea will be caught in a big social wave.
    Anyone who has discovered the Bootrom Zero-Day vulnerability can start a forensic business.
    Forensic jobs in South Korea are very expensive and promising.

    I want to buy this machine. But this price is too expensive for the individual. sad.
    I can't make this myself. I don't study hardware hacking so I can't get it.

    I only wanted to talk about FPGAs, but added some additional explanation.
    Did you have fun?
    I was very interested in FPGA from the beginning. But I could not study. Because of the money.
    I personally are interested in FPGA because I want to implement x86 CPUs in FPGA.
    Already related projects are on the Internet. But it still seems to be a step.
    I will study FPGA someday. To do that I must earn money.
    Damn it.

    The reason why FPGAs are a wizard wand is that FPGAs allow you to design anything on the chip.
    Honestly this is sad.
    After sticking the sticker on the copper plate, the people who made the PCB by pouring hydrochloric acid directly can't open the FPGA directly.

    In South Korea, there is an old saying that hens cry and their houses are destroyed.
    I did not translate this proverb into English expression.
    I think the ancients were never fools like caveman.
    I doubt common sense of ordinary people. So I doubt this proverb.
    And I concluded that hen crying meant overprotection of motherhood.
    I'm not talking about the motherboard. Is my joke fun?)
    The overprotective mechanism of motherhood eventually leads to feminism and communism.
    And feminism reduces human populations, and communism makes the country poor, and eventually both collapse.
    The ancients were smart too.
    This is happening in South Korea.
    The overprotective mechanism of motherhood seems to be a legal regulatory policy in society.
    In South Korean society, laws take precedence even before the most advanced technology is abused.
    South Korean law is blocking technology before a new growth engine industry is born.
    South Korean politicians already know this problem.
    But they can't beat soccer mom.
    Electric kickboards are legally regulated because they are more dangerous than cars that kill more than one person per day.
    Is the overprotective mechanism of maternal love enough to explain how to make people irrational?
    In addition to this, many irrational things are happening in South Korea.
    The country is going crazy. Currently South Korea is in feminist government.
    South Korea is a rich country and a country you can't imagine without seeing it.
    Of course, there is a difference between the rich and the poor, and most people feel relatively deprived.
    But overall, there is no big difference in the lives of the rich and the poor.
    The problem is that in rich countries, the problem of overprotective mechanisms such as maternal love of society is manifested.
    It seems that South Koreans have not yet noticed this mechanism.
    They don't think deeply in the system of South Korean society that works so fast.
    Now, birth rates in South Korea are falling sharply and mortality rates are about to surpass. But people do not know.
    They do not care how long we can live in a rich country.
    This is a personal conspiracy theory, but it seems that Chinese and globalists are doing huge social experiments in South Korea.
    It is a conspiracy theory.
    But I personally have strong doubts.
    There is another conspiracy theory. If China uses Korean as its native language, it will surpass the US hegemony.
    The United States cannot prevent China from adopting Hangul as its second language.
    This has not been noticed in China yet, but there are signs of trying.
    I will not talk more deeply about these signs.
    You will know later.
    The power of language is strong.
    Does not America believe that this world is made of God's Word?
    God also scattered many languages to prevent the Tower of Babel from being built.
    It's like a mass-produced computer programming language.)
    Should I talk with the US about this conspiracy theory?
    You need to talk to the UK. The owner of the United States is England.
    Britain supports and is behind liberal democracy.
    I know their sun is still not setting up.

    I talk to
    Not interested in
    (Have you seen the movie Kingsman? If you do not see, you will not understand this joke I wrote.)

    Are you listening, Queen Elizabeth? Are you Master Masonic?)

    The United Kingdom broke out the second, third and fourth industrial revolutions.
    The second was the industrial revolution that created the steam engine.
    It is a global factory revolution that goes from agriculture to factories.
    The third is Alan Turing's computer revolution, which created the first computer.
    The computer revolution is a computing revolution.
    They eventually set up financial computing systems all over the world with this revolution.
    All of this was led by the United States. So people think that America has hegemony.
    I'm really stupid of you guys.
    England made America do this.
    They are now lying down and not having to work like a factory worker for a transaction fee.
    The next is the AI revolution, the fourth industrial revolution.
    Demis Hassabis, who created Alphago, is an Englishman.
    The heroes of the revolution were all British.

    Do I need to explain more?
    The main culprit is England.
    Boston Dynamics is the body of a robot.
    This is a USA company.
    The famous CPU ARM is a British company.
    The brain of the robot was produced in England.
    And they handed them over to Japan.
    Do you know the England-Japan alliance?
    South and North Korea is the country most affected by the England-Japan alliance.
    Why? Korea was colonized by Japan because of the England-Japan alliance.
    Britain has a special relationship with Japan.
    So they gave them the body and brain, Boston Dynamics and ARM.
    And they own only the company for Alphago(AI).
    It would be a strategy to give the body and the brain to Japan and to own only intelligence.
    The English occultist's strategy is very good.
    The owner of ARM is "Son-Jung-Ui" in Japan. If England made a mistake he was a Korean.
    Not long ago, he came to South Korea and meet to the president.
    The first is artificial intelligence, the second is artificial intelligence, said the third is also artificial intelligence.
    Is it fun? Was it British instruction?
    The UK is smart. This is England.
    Do you need to explain more?
    England is not dead.
    Still their sun is not over.
    Do you think I'm lying? A senior official named "Tae-Young-Ho" fled North Korea.
    And he testified that US aircraft carriers were not afraid when they came to the sea in front of North Korea.
    However, he said he was afraid when England came offshore.

    Occultists do not know the knowledge that North Korea knows?
    If you're an occultist, this knowledge is just common sense. I wrote a useless story because it seems fun.

    A person wants to sit down when walking, and wants to lie down when sitting down.
    You want to sleep when you are lying down.
    Sitting was the industrial revolution.
    This is like the industrial revolution represented by the automotive revolution.
    Lying down was a financial revolution.
    This financial revolution is an automatic tax revolution created by the computer revolution.
    It's like lying down because you get the same transaction fee as tax.
    Sleeping is an AI revolution.
    Now you need to work with someone even when you are sleeping.
    But no such person.
    So you need a robot that works even when you're sleeping.

    What I want to say is that because they led the second industrial revolution, the third and fourth industrial revolutions were their own.
    It was a natural story.

    So far, the United Kingdom hides its identity, but it can not escape the eyes of hackers.
    In the 21st century, the eyes of hackers are All-Seeing-Eyes.
    I am not hostile to England.
    I have no hard feelings about them.
    I know why they do this I know it is God's will that you believe.
    This secret can be seen through the movie "Star Wars".
    It is well hidden in the wizard's stick, Hollywood(
    Holly + Wood = magick wand), but the message can be read.

    It wasn't my intention, but it was no different from the American drama story of "Mr. Robot Season-1".
    This drama was boring.
    It was fun just because the hacker was the main character.
    The content is not fun.
    If you enjoy reading this conspiracy theory, this drama will be fun.
    The background of the conspiracy theory of the financial system I talked about is well known around the world.
    So the main content of the "
    Mr. Robot Season-1" drama is the destruction of the financial system backup network.
    Like anarchists, hackers are at the forefront of anarchists' rebellion.

    Additional description of anarchist : Anarchist
    Do you know that Darth Vader's name is Anakin Skywalker in the movie "Star Wars 3"?
    Can't you say it so clearly that it is an Anarchist Skywalker(Hacker)?
    Did you know that Skywalker's wife name is Queen Amygdala?
    When you're ready to be surprised, try searching for the word brain and the word Amygdala.
    Maria) of Magdala(Magdala Maria = Amygdala = Queen Amygdala in the movie "Star Wars 3") is really the Amygdala within the human brain.
    The amygdala is responsible for the function of human fear in the brain.
    In the movie "Star Wars 3", Anakin killed all of his fellow "Jedi" because of the horrible prophecy of Amygdala's death that had not yet happened.
    In modern interpretation,
    the "Jedi" are the "Knights" of the Temple.
    Did you notice why the "
    Batman" movie series was called "Dark Knight"?
    Contrary to what you knew, the movie "Star Wars 3" is not the entertainment movie you think.
    It's an occult teaching movie and a video explaining the mechanisms of the brain on how fear works.
    To explain that a hacker is an anarchist, I had to explain the movie "
    Star Wars 3".
    I think England is the base of the Templars.
    If you have seen the Batman Dark Knight movie, look for the Batman movie script.
    There is a hint of an explanation of why the British, the Illuminati, the Masonic, the globalists, and the organizations known as evil do so.
    They're just like "
    Agent Smith" in the movie "Matrix" scenario.
    Just as the hero of the "Matrix" movie is a hacker, there is always a hacker at the forefront of rebellion.
    Because the hacker culture itself is a subculture.
    I am an idealist, but I do not turn away from reality.
    So I'm
    gray hat.
    The end of idealism is a wizard.
    White Wizard.
    The end of evil is Sorceress.
    Black Wizard.
    This middle is
    In the Lord of the Rings,
    Gandalf finally became a white wizard.
    Before that,
    Gandalf wore gray clothes and a hat.
    The white wizard is similar to a priest in modern times.
    Warlocks are modernly similar to "
    FortuneTeller with Channeling or Shamans".
    The Bible tells us to stone those who act like a necromancer. (
    Very strong Black Wizard like "John Constantine")
    (What I'm explaining right now is explaining the similarities between hackers and occults.)
    Spiritism or Channeling is the skill of those who connect to the system.
    "Neo" in the movie "Matrix" has the concept of the Messiah.
    Neo a Necromancer or a Mediator of spirit or a Shaman?
    Neo is, after all, a White Wizard.
    Like Gandalf did.
    Through him, he showed that the
    Messiah was a White Wizard.
    Of course, the movie "Star Wars 3" explains how to become a devil and become a Black Wizard.)
    It's too hard to convert to English.
    The main character of the American drama "
    Constantine" is "Gray Wizard".
    In general, people are aware that occults call to summon demons.
    It is a summon the spirit, not the devil.
    The demon is not the devil, but the soul of nature.
    Thus, the 72 devils in the "
    Lesser Key of Solomon" mean spirit demon summoning of nature, not devils.
    Solomon's Lesser Key 72 Demon summoning is not a devil, but a soul of nature.

    Isn't the daemon(demon) even on Unix?
    When did the Unix daemon(
    demon) be a devil?
    Of course, if the Black Hacker hacks and turns it into a devil daemon, the story is different.

    Was the *nix "daemon" a devil just because it's a powerful service on your Linux?
    If you can use the powerful features after hacking and accessing the "daemon", that's the "Wizard".
    The occult meaning of hidden knowledge itself is technology.
    Therefore, the word occult(
    The modern word is a hacking) is innocent in itself.
    Isn't it too much like computer hacking?
    I am an idealist who wants to be a white wizard, but I live in the realm of reality.
    So I am happy with
    Gray Hat. No more can be achieved.
    I am not a
    The reason for this writing was that I wanted to say that I was not a communist.

    Are you bored?
    Let's talk more interesting?
    Promise me not to be angry..!

    Have you ever wondered why you should pray in the name of Jesus Christ, not in the name of God?

    It is a very interesting story, but Jesus is sitting at the right hand of God(the Creator).
    But the teaching in Gnosticism says that the Creator God does not know it.
    I was creepy.
    If I can technically interpret it as a computer hack, Jesus would have hack the root permission of the system deamon(
    And Jesus will be hiding in the system by installing a
    rootkit backdoor.
    This is translated in the Bible as the story of
    sitting at the right hand of God.
    So system administrators(
    root permission) do not recognize Jesus(root permission) connections as hacks.
    This is part of what is preached in Gnosticism.
    Therefore, after praying, you should always pray in the name of Jesus Christ.
    It's very natural because it has a root permission daemon(
    If you are a computer engineer or hacker, you should pray in the name of Jesus Christ.
    This is enough explanation to pray in the name of Jesus Christ.
    What's really interesting is that this is true even in Buddhism.
    The first hacker is
    Shakyamuni and the second is Jesus Christ.
    The word "
    Buddha" or "Christ" is a modern word that seems to be a "Hacker".

    In a South Korean bookstore, there is a book called "Buddha Hacker".

    It is not my interpretation.
    I have only given computer hacking meaning to what they claim.​​​​​

    Is it fun?
    Just read for fun, don't take it seriously.

    Are you a programmer?

    Do you know the etymology of the word "
    parameter" that you often use?

    Do not be surprised. At the heart of
    Buddhism is Prajnaparamita.
    Buddhists memorize this scripture every time.
    There are six
    It's called the law of enlightenment to get new power.
    Did you notice if you were a programmer?
    In Prajnaparamita, followed by
    paramita is the source of the pamameter.

    When you master Prajnaparamita, you get
    six supernatural powers.
    When these six kinds of supernatural powers are obtained, they are called Buddha and also
    the evidence of Buddha(Hacker).
    Without this supernatural power it is not called Buddha.
    It's like we can't call you a hacker when you don't know techniques like
    buffer overflow or ROP.
    I think the Buddhist scriptures are mistranslated.
    I suspect that the original Buddhist scriptures were
    ancient computer engineering books.
    Of course, the Bible is similar.
    I personally see the Bible as a book about the cosmic birth mechanism.
    The mechanism by which humans are born and die. Childbirth mechanism.

    Therefore we must do what
    Enoch did.
    Humanity is doing what
    Enoch did.
    Open source on github is backed up to the North Pole.

    GitHub Archive Program>

    In today's article, the article says it backs up so that open source is not lost if humanity is destroyed.
    There is a legend that
    Enoch wrote ancient knowledge on two pillars so that ancient wisdom would not disappear.

    Do you know why I said this?

    This is because unfortunate situations are foreseen in the future.

    Future humans may think that if they memorize the contents of the github, like the Buddhist scriptures, they will go to heaven.

    Do you not think this is your view of the Buddhist scriptures(or Bible) now?
    The future mankind, who will open a new era after the end, is stupid.
    Have you never thought that you are that humanity?

    Is it fun?
    Just read for fun, don't take it seriously.

    South Korean prosecutors are trying to crack the password of the iPhone of a dead civil servant.
    The story of the current South Korean news article is that the iPhoneX's flash memory is made of multiple copy phones, so the password input is repeated.
    The prosecution seems to want to prevent the contents of the flash memory from being erased after entering the wrong password 10 times.
    Simpler than i think, but far from intelligent.
    In the news article, this equipment is called Israeli equipment.
    Perhaps most engineers can imagine how the structure of this equipment is made.
    Ensuring reliability and integrity in a silly way is inevitable.
    I applaud the prosecution.

    As I talked about Israeli equipment above, I wanted to talk about brute force and dumb fuzzing.
    This is due to the similarity between "
    brute force" and "dumb fuzzing".
    I hate both. I like the more intelligent way.

    As if fuzzing is the most commonly used "dumb fuzzing" rather than "in-memory fuzzing / smart fuzzing".
    The less intelligent way may be rather better.
    Of course, a few experts will use smart fuzzing.
    My research style is the same as that of Japanese people.
    Even if you threaten to kill me, I insist on in-memory fuzzing.
    This Japanese craftsmanship ruined the Japanese semiconductor industry.
    This is because Japan's high-end semiconductor industry has lost competitiveness in low-end semiconductors from
    It is not always the case that the best way of research always produces happy results.
    Sometimes researchers compromise with poor quality research.
    But I hate it the most.
    So are the Japanese.
    It seems to me that in the east occult, the country constellation of Japan is the same as the constellation property of the day of birth that I have in heaven.
    This section is just omitted.
    Because you do not know Oriental astrology.
    One of my many personal research topics is "
    in-memory fuzzing" which implements "fork()" on Windows.
    It is known that
    "afl" fuzzing using fork on Windows is not possible.
    So "
    winafl" uses "DynamoRio".

    If you are a hacker, did you know before talking about why you used "DynamoRio" in "winafl"?
    That's because you couldn't use fork on Windows.
    If you don't know it, I can teach you a lot of enlightenment.
    Visit often.

    I'm studying the "fork() method", not the "DynamoRio method". If this is possible, it will have very innovative value.

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    It seems to have found a bootrom vulnerability using the jtag debugger I mentioned above.
    After debugging using the jtag debugging machine and finding the vulnerability, you do not need this machine.
    This machine is a typical tool used by hackers to find vulnerabilities.
    But it is used by very High-level advanced hackers.
    Low-level hackers like me can't make these tools.
    This vulnerability is a hardware vulnerability and will not be patched.
    This is a permanent vulnerability.
    The scope of the vulnerability is "
    iOS 13.2.3 ~ iOS 12.3" based on "iPhone 4S ~ iPhone X".
    This is called the "
    checkm8" bootrom vulnerability, and a Jailbreak tool called "checkra1n" has been released.
    iPhone X(
    A11 chip) is a model of a locked iPhone under investigation by South Korean prosecutors.
    If that's true, I think they can unlock it. Of course, unlocking can be difficult.
    Rumor has it that the prosecution has unlocked the iPhone.
    The current political situation in South Korea is that the media is seized by the power of the regime and there are no news articles.

    I just jailbroken my iPhones to this "checkra1n".
    Everything works fine except for the iPhone XS Max.
    I haven't tested it on "
    iPad pro 12.9" yet, but it probably won't work.
    I plan to sell this ipad pro on the second hand market for a month's living expenses. (

    If you want to see the code for the checkm8 bootrom exploit, please visit here.

    These guys were joking using domain name spelling.
    There has always been a convention to use ra1n in the name of the jailbreak tool.
    Doesn't it seem like they intentionally separate "
    checkra" and "in" from "" in the domain name?
    The pronunciation of "
    checkra" is somehow similar to chakra.
    I think they're sensible guys with knowledge of occults.
    I was running Jailbreak tool and was surprised once more.
    Because I saw the word "
    Kim Jong".
    I do not know their intentions.
    (I just say 0xC8 when I don't understand.
    C8 is a word meaning mother fucking in South Korea and the pronunciation is the same.


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      Rumor has it that you have to pay $ 1500 to unlock once.
      If I buy this Israeli equipment permanently, will I pay extra to unlock it?
      Real information is not available.
      There are a lot of rumors.
      I don't know if the device has an unlock function or if it provides additional services.
      As I mentioned, if this device has an unlock function, I think it is using the bootrom exploit kind.
      Of course, I don't know if it's the same as the checkm8 vulnerability.

      Click image for larger version  Name:	cellebrite_0.png Views:	0 Size:	470.5 KB ID:	428

      Click image for larger version  Name:	cellebrite.png Views:	0 Size:	813.3 KB ID:	427


      Should I think about developing forensic tools before getting older?
      I think I've studied too many hacks that can't make money.

      Suddenly talking about money, I remembered what I wanted to say.
      Let's talk useless for a while.

      Be careful as the mouse may be damaged while scrolling.

      In fact, I have a lot of ideas to make money, but no momentum to drive my business.
      In 2010, I already knew that applying MDM provisioning services on smartphones to the enterprise's visitor access management process could make money.
      This is because we had to visit our customers frequently to provide penetration testing services.
      At that time, I had the most external activity.
      But I have a disease that I am afraid to meet people if I spend a long time in research.
      So I could not keep an active job.
      I liked the researcher hiding quietly.
      The disease remains the same now, but there are many social experiences.
      So I know this information.
      Most enterprise companies have put stickers on visitors' smartphone cameras in the Visitor Management Center.
      At that time I thought it was too stupid. At the time, both iPhone and Google were offering MDM.
      What is MDM?
      If you don't know MDM I can easily explain.
      Long ago, your computer already had MDM with Windows.
      You may not know it's an MDM.
      If you are a passionate computer user, you may have used "gpedit.msc" more than once.
      The local Group Policy Editor used each time is Windows MDM.
      Do you understand now?
      You can use "gpedit.msc" to prevent the cmd window from running or to disable the Windows Update feature.
      You can also make the icon disappear by disabling Internet Explorer.
      You can open or close all the details of the windows.
      In most cases, "gpedit.msc" is used to disable important features in the temporary computer center.
      In fact, most of the "gpedit.msc" configuration consists of registry files.
      Click to apply a file with the "* .reg" extension.
      The role of this "* .reg" file is called the role of the MDM profile for smartphones.
      The two roles are identical.
      For Apple, files with the extension ".mobileconfig" are MDM profiles.
      Think of it as just a Windows registry save file.
      However, if you don't know that Windows's local policy editor is MDM, you can create and sell a beautiful and easy-to-understand policy editor.
      If you make such a product, the helpdesk sisters will like you.
      This is an enterprise product.
      In South Korea, there is a commercial facility called the PC-Room.
      PC-Room available gaming 24 hours is called PC-Bang.
      Every PC in PC-Bang has "* .reg" for management.
      It's actually made of "gpedit.msc".
      You can think of this "* .reg" file as a Windows MDM profile.
      The same is true for smartphones.
      Enter the AppStore and search by AppleConfig.
      Apple already provides the MDM profile configuration tool.
      A tool called AppleConfiguration provides the same MDM as "gpedit.msc" on Windows.
      If your company visitor has an iPhone, you can email them a ".mobileconfig" file that disables the camera.
      Visitors can check emails and install files with one touch.
      It will be restored if you delete the provisioning file when the visitor leaves the company.
      However, passwords prevent visitors from removing the provisioning file directly.
      Therefore, there is no need for a caveman to put a sticker on the camera.
      When I visited Samsung for penetration testing services a few years ago, the visitor access management system was already changed to mobile provisioning.)
      Like Windows, Apple and Google already provided this MDM feature from scratch.
      I told this story to several friends around 2010.
      The iPhone was first released in South Korea in 2007~2008.)
      I said that making this product could make money, but everyone ignored it.
      So I just forgot this in my brain.
      A while ago I watched the startup company story of the PPP team leader on YouTube.
      I do not know this person. He is a famous hacker.
      I heard that he also developed a service like the concept of the product I described and sold it to SAMSUNG.
      It was a product with all the concepts I just described.
      It was amazing.
      I'm so excited when this happens.
      Because I'm excited to hit what I expected.
      I want to talk to my old friends.
      Now they all left me, but what I said to you was right?
      Maybe you don't remember?
      I want to tell them like this.
      I don't think hackers should graduate from famous universities.
      But if you're not a hacker or an engineer, but a businessman who wants to make money with your business, my opinion is completely different.
      Because doing business requires a good brain to see good and bad items.
      To be successful in your IT business, you need a good engineer's sense, not a good engineer's effort.
      You need an eye through the context of the technology, not the details of the technology.
      Unfortunately, I do not have the ability to drive the business.
      Instead, I have an eye through the context of technology.
      The leader of the PPP team seems to have this ability.
      Making good friends is also God's blessing.
      I salute the PPP team leader(CEO) who founded theori company.
      You are really a brillant and smart hacker.
      I think I did not live my life well.
      I'm just depressed.
      Too old to think now.
      If I do not escape the reincarnation system, I will probably pledge to achieve in the next life.
      I honestly do not want more. I just need someone who can understand my story.
      I just need someone to understand this story when I talk about "
      gpedit.msc", "AppleConfigraution", and "MDM" being the same thing.
      Every time I talked about this kind of story, I was treated as a psycho.
      There are a lot of things like this.
      The hidden story of the Linux distribution is fun, but I'll tell you later.)
      There will be a chance to talk about it one by one in the future.
      Unless this site is closed.


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        Despite being an iPhone X, the iPhone was not unlocked.
        I trusted South Korean prosecutors up to the point of this incident. But not now.
        Not because of the iPhone. The iPhone may not have been unlocked by the vulnerability.

        Analyzing the current state of South Korea, the prosecutor general also seems to be controlled by China.
        South Korean prosecutors want to hide the problem of China's funding of South Korean top politicians.
        He controls criminal investigations of China in a way that favors China.
        Everything in South Korean politics is rotting away from roots to branches.
        All of this is because the wicked lobby of the Communist Party of China spread all over South Korea from its roots to its branches.
        South Korea seems to have no hope anymore.

        Communist followers now rule the regime.
        They now proceeded to politics with their own thoughts without listening to people's warnings.
        I regret having been their supporter in my past.
        I was thoroughly deceived by them.

        There is an official organization in South Korea set up by people with the intention of selling South Korea to China.

        The name of the group is called "Yeo-Si-Jae".

        South Koreans should remember the faces of these members well.
        These are the protagonists of anti-state groups.

        There is a person named "Lee Gwang Jae".

        This article writes about the activities of "politician members of Yeo-Si-Jae".
        If you read this article outwardly, it is a very good organization.
        But they overthrew South Korean law and overthrew the regime.
        South Koreans are also slowly realizing the identity of these members.
        Read the reply in this article. South Koreans are not stupid.
        I supported the current regime.
        But seeing what they were doing and I realized that they were rubbish.

        "Lee Gwang Jae" is the head of the group "Yeo-Si-Jae".
        Oh my god..!!?
        He is now the top manager of the ruling party's election.

        The real chief of this group is "Hong Seok Hyun", a member of the Trilateral Commission.
        And "
        Hong Seok Hyun" is the owner of the JTBC broadcasting station, which actually triggered the impeachment of the president of South Korea.
        Congressman "
        Jo Won Jin" funded the founding fund of the group "Yeo-Si-Jae".
        Jo Won Jin" is an unusual person who meets "Xi Jinping" many times and the pictures are on the Internet.

        In a dictatorship society there is a famous saying.
        Voting is done by people, but counting votes is done by a power person."
        South Korea is like this now.
        Sorry. It seems I used the word incorrectly.
        I'm not good at English.
        I'm really sorry.
        I'll fix that wrong word.
        Would you like to read it again?

        Voting is done by people, but counting votes is done by hackers..!!"

        Foreigners do not seem to understand well.

        "South Korea is a country that uses electronic voting machines."

        There was a hacking demonstration of the model of electronic voting machine used in South Korea between 2016 and 2017.
        There is also a video on YouTube.
        I also saw the program used by the controller, and I seemed to be able to manipulate it too.

        I doubt it as a conspiracy theory.
        In South Korea, there is no freedom of speech, so in order not to be sued I must say like this.


        • #5
          The iPhone was unlocked a while ago in a news article.
          And in South Korea, the election to vote for the National Assembly ended, but allegations of fraud were raised.
          I have already predicted that this suspicion will arise last year.
          I had foreseen before this regime.

          Voting is done by people, but counting votes is done by hackers..!!"

          If you ask me how did you know?

          Who can do if reverse engineering hackers can't reverse engineer this social phenomenon?


          • #6
            "Kim Oh Joon" is the current president of the South Korean regime.
            South Korea's official president is "
            Moon Jae-in", but the true power of the current regime is "Kim Oh Joon".

            As the same reason I could have expected the "
            4.15 21st A fraudulent election", I know who the current regime's hidden powers are. Currently, no South Korean knows this information.

            Since "
            Kim Oh Joon" started broadcasting the political propaganda in 2011, I already knew that there would be a fraudulent election in the 21st National Assembly election.
            I am not a shaman called "
            Moo-Dang" in Korean.
            Oriental astrology of occult is called "
            Sa means number 4.
            Ju means pillar.
            Pal means the number 8.
            Ja means letters.
            All of them are actually used in modern Korean.

            Sa(4) + Ju(pillar) + Pal(8) + Ja(letters) = Letters that form four pillars.
            In other words, 8 letters are divided into 4 letters, and one is written on the top and the other is written on the bottom to form 4 bundles.
            At this time, there are 4 letters at the top and 4 letters at the bottom, so you can read them in groups of 2 letters on the vertical axis. This is called a pillar.
            At this time, it represents the year, month, day and hour of the constellation of each day of birth from the far right of this column.
            The theory that this constellation determines the lifelong destiny of man is the occult astrology of the Orient.
            At this time, the upper 4 letters are called sky(
            heaven, +) letters and the lower 4 letters are called earth(soil, -) letters.
            I have two letters in my "
            Sa-Ju-Pal-Ja" meaning monkey, which means god.
            Kim Oh Joon" has the same letter in the same letter position as me.
            If you have these letters in the same position, you are very sensitive to knowing in advance what the other person will do.
            Because "
            Kim Oh Joon" and I are sharing these letters, I already knew what he would do. And it actually happened.
            You may be embarrassed because it is a somewhat metaphysical occult content.
            The depth you can see in this world depends on the level of knowledge and wisdom. No need to be surprised.
            It just happens because you haven't learned "
            Sa-Ju-Pal-Ja", the astrology of the East.
            Because of these two letters(
            God of the East = Monkey = Do you know Son Goku?) on my "Sa-Ju-Pal-Ja", I was only developed a more spiritual sense than others.
            Isn't it great?
            I also use this ability to read the real-time situation of a researcher who is invisible in the field of computer security.
            So when I do vulnerability research, I also feel in real time that my competitors on the other side of the globe are doing the same research as me.
            Thanks to this feature in my "
            Sa-Ju-Pal-Ja", when investigating the vulnerability, it feels like a CTF competition when a PoC without exploit code is released.
            And I am happy when developing exploit code first.
            So when I was young, I was anxious if I couldn't release the exploit code quickly.
            And the prediction was not wrong.
            Often I was experienced as a vulnerability discovery concurrency problem.
            In other words, even if they are separated from each other on the other side of the globe, it is proof that they are actually competing with each other in real time, like a
            Not everyone can feel a sense of remote competition in real time from researchers around the world as if they were in the
            CTF competition.
            However, I can control my mind at any time to get into coma mode that I am in
            CTF status.
            Because I can feel their thoughts, feelings, pains and actions, how hard researchers all over the world study.
            This is my special spiritual ability.
            I already knew that because of this ability, "
            Kim Oh Joon" would be planning a fraudulent election and fraudulently counting the voting.

            I know there was a
            DEFCON CTF last weekend. But I am not interested. Because I am in a hurry to solve life problems..