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  • Recommendations to improve my pc

    What's up friends?, . My name is William and I am delighted to belong to your forum, I really play topics that are of my interest, I am a technology lover and I like everything related to computers .. taking advantage of this space I would like to take this opportunity to ask for a recommendation please, ( for those who know about computers), I currently want to improve the characteristics of my pc and that is why I want to buy this HDMI Video Capture Karte HDMI VGA DVI oder Component Video 1080 bei 60 FPS that I found in a store called, I don't know what do you think ?, it would be good to repower my pc ?. My pc is an intel dual core, RAM 8GB, I would like your comments please.

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    I told my registered members that if you didn't post a profile picture, I would recognize them as spammers.
    But only you have registered a profile picture. And i don't know if you are a robot or a person.
    What do you want me to say to you?

    I've set PCRE on this site so that usernames don't contain capital letters.
    However, most users register their usernames with capital letters.
    I treat all usernames containing capital letters as spammers.
    I'm really disappointed with the vbulletin board.
    I'm using this board because I can't convert data with phpbb.

    I say once again, What do you want me to say to you?

    I want to attach the Google Human Verification reCAPTCHA feature to the vbulletin board, but it doesn't seem to be supported for vbulletin.
    So I tried to attach the function manually but it is very annoying. I just want to live and die roughly.
    I have no hope in my life.

    I was issued a reCAPTCHAR version 2.0 API key. And I enabled Google Human Verification.