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thank you for your article, "art of hooking"

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  • thank you for your article, "art of hooking"

    Hello, I'm emalron from korea. hmm.... writing in English is challenging but it seems right to write in English here. so I'll try...

    I've been your fan since I read your document, "Art of hooking."

    I was inspired by the last chapter of art of hooking. you said that hackers have to return to programming.
    because I didn't think that programming is important to be hacker at that time(actually I'm not even a hacker.)

    after I learned programming, oop and made some games(not that big one.. just simple things), I felt different when I reverse-engineered a game, capitalism lab.
    I could understand the meaning of the code in assembly language and know where I'm in the forest of the assembly codes.
    Even I can guess the original code from the assembly codes. it was fantastic experience for me.

    the another one part of your doc is that you write the history of fail and success about restoring resisters after calling hacker-code.
    It helped me understand your doc.

    I wanted to thank you someday, so I leaved this post... (yep, I also felt little awkward -_-;;;;

    Thank you.

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    Thank you. I think I will be able to concentrate harder on my research. Your words cheered me.