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How to start to become a bio hacker.

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  • How to start to become a bio hacker.

    To investigate the gene, you need to use a tool called PCR.
    This equipment, called
    PCR, was used only in laboratories and was as expensive as before Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak launched personal computers.
    When someone asked
    Steve Jobs how to become a revolutionary like you, he said.
    Steve Jobs once said, "
    Become a pirate."
    Can you understand what this means?
    Personal computers didn't exist in the days of
    Steve Jobs.
    Personal computers were expensive equipment used only in the lab.
    It wasn't an amount that an individual could buy.
    Also, few people thought it was meaningful for the general public to use this device.
    For the most part, it was a time when it was determined that this machine would only be meaningful to a few engineers.

    There are famous rumors describing this era.

    Q. Did you ever say, as has been widely circulated on the Internet, "640K [of RAM] ought to be enough for anybody?"

    No! That makes me so mad I can't believe it!
    Do you realize the pain the industry went through while the IBM PC was limited to 640K?
    The machine was going to be 512K at one point, and we kept pushing it up.
    I never said that statement–I said the opposite of that.

    In this era, the personal computer was thought to be an equipment that only a few engineers needed.
    However, personal computers were spread to the public.
    That's why those who ignored the potential of this device might have thought that
    640kb of system memory was enough.
    That era was reflected, and rumors arose that the words were spoken by
    Bill Gates.

    What I want to say is the intellectual arrogance of researchers and engineers.
    Because of its arrogance, researchers and engineers make the mistake of saying that the lab's innovative equipment is not needed by the public at all.
    It is a mistake and arrogance for both researchers and engineers to forget that they are included in the public.
    Of course, researchers and engineers generally don't think so.
    Perhaps those who provide research funding for them will think the public doesn't need it.
    Mostly they are stupid guys who don't know engineering.
    This is probably why
    Bill Gates got involved in the 640kb rumor.
    Is he an engineer? Or are you a businessman? Someone attacked
    Bill Gates' professional identity.

    Why are you so verbose while explaining what
    Steve Jobs said was a pirate?

    It is the pirates who steal the treasures of these foolish people.
    It was just
    Steve Jobs.

    The historical treasure that
    Steve Jobs stole from Xerox's Palo Alto Lab was a GUI system and a mouse.
    Of course, later
    Bill Gates steals the concept of the window system again from Steve Jobs.
    So we are now seeing the benefits of a very affordable and versatile personal computer device.

    Now do you understand what
    Steve Jobs said to be a pirate?

    Do you want to be an innovative
    IT revolutionary?
    If so, it will be very easy.
    It wasn't before, but today the typical formula for this innovation is very well known.

    1. Find equipment, tools, or materials that are used only in laboratories and are expensive and not available to the public.
    Or check if the project is in danger of being scrapped.

    2. Use moderate business manship and negotiate before stealing.
    3. Distribute it to the public at an affordable price.
    4. Take control of the market.
    5. Then move slowly to higher prices with premium strategies.

    This is the typical innovation formula.
    But most companies fail horribly in terms of pricing.
    The same is true of
    Apple's history.
    There is also a scene in Steve Jobs' biography film.)
    Then the revolution will not happen.
    You lose the opportunity to dominate the market.
    These are examples of companies that first developed
    PDA phones in the past and later collapsed in the smartphone market.
    The greed for money missed the opportunity to gain market dominance, and
    Steve Jobs' iPhone eventually became the world's winner.
    The rest of the companies collapsed due to pricing failures, despite initially showing off the leading
    PDA phone technology.
    Since revolutions and innovations dominate the market, it is enough to slowly raise prices later.
    But because companies didn't do that, they broke down with greed.
    This is especially the case for
    South Korean companies.
    I had been understanding this mechanism since high school.
    But if your company doesn't understand this simple mechanism because of greed, wouldn't it be okay to be dumb enough?
    Today, this formula is no longer

    I explained everything
    Steve Jobs said to be a pirate.

    Now that you have heard all my explanations, what do you think of the equipment called

    Do you feel this
    OpenPCR equipment development project when you look at APPLE 2, the world's first entry-level personal computer?
    The reason is simple.
    Because the mechanism of innovation is the same.

    Find expensive equipment that is only used in laboratories, the act of ignoring the public's engineers, and spread them to the public at an affordable price.
    This is innovation. It's a revolution. It's a coup!

    The first start of bio-hacking was the OpenPCR project.
    Like computer hacking started at
    HomeBrew Computer Club.

    That's because you need PCR equipment to read and analyze DNA genetic information just like a hacker should have a computer.

    Once again, the era of bio-hackers will soon begin.

    Study bio hacking to get eternal life at an affordable price.
    Otherwise, it will be a world where only the rich can gain eternal life.
    It's like a history of hackers fighting vested interests in the computer world.